Welcome to the Oriental Wellness web site. This site will provide information on the Jujutsu System of Martial Arts. Jujutsu means “yielding way” a term used to identify a wide range of hand to hand and weapons arts developed and used for combat purposes.

We will also provide information about Seifukujutsu, the adjust and restoration art which is a compilation of restoration massage, herbology, bonesetting techniques, cupping, hydro therapy, mugosa, shonishin techniques, among other things.

We will show pictorially, a variety of different techniques from Jujutsu, Seifukujutsu and weapons techniques using fans and hanbos. If you are interested in the actual handmade weapons used in these techniques you can purchase them on this site.

We will list, on our Affiliations page, the names of other Martial Artists and Martial Arts Schools who we feel can help you learn more about these Arts.

Feel free to to ask questions and make comments about the information you read here. Our Questions and Comments page is set up for this.

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