Futasu/Futu- Partner Massage Course

Futasu/Futu-Partner Massage Course

Mizu Shin Tao offers a partners massage class periodically; as such it seems fitting to provide a basic description of the course.
Brief History:
The techniques of Futasu/Futu have been used for 1600 years in Japan to bring health and vitality to both the physical and emotional sides of a relationship.
Course Summary:
This course will give you practical application of an ancient art of touch that has been cherished in the Japanese culture and is still held in the highest regard by both medical and private practitioners of the art.
Short Instructor Biography:
Professor Ken Eddy “Shihan” has been studying the arts for over 50 years and has a degree in “Allied Health Science”, (emphasis on alternative medicine), and has attained an “OMD” from the “Oriental Institute of Medicine.” He has been teaching Oriental techniques in the university system and Mizu Shin Tao for many years; bringing relief and opportunity to the community in their search for better health.
What to Expect from this Course:
The first portion of the session will consist of ‘Jiyo’ (nourishing) Anma (massage). This method is used to improve and maintain your partners’ health through a set pattern of hand applications designed to balance the energy of the body as well as bring a sense of physical relaxation and well being.
The second session will be the “Tengoku/Tsuchi (Heaven to Earth) Anma (massage). This technique is 1,000 years old and is designed to bring the couple together in a sensual, intimate and loving fashion. This massage is an art form and is used to develop a closer and more enjoyable relationship.
Required Materials:
Writing Instrument
Two (2) Twin size fitted sheets
Loose Fitting Clothing

Please check our Events page for more details regarding upcoming classes. Feel free to call Mizu Shin Tao for details at (775) 358-8337

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