Seifukujitsu (Intermediate Anma Massage)

Seifukujitsu Anma Intermediate Massage Course

This intermediate massage therapy course provides and introduction to Seifukujutsu (restorative massage), and Kappo (resuscitation arts).

Brief History:
These techniques have been used for over 1,200 years to bring relief and to aid the body to cure many maladies that are treated through surgical or medicinal procedure in the United States. Sefufukujutsu and Kappo techniques were originally introduced to America by Professor Seishiro Okazaki in his Danzan Ryu Kodenkan traditional martial and healing system. They are also part of the Traditional Japanese Medicine practices.

Course Summary:
This course, (as does the first course, ‘Nihon Kaifuku Anma”), provides practical application of an ancient healing art that is the basis for many of the forms that you may be exposed to today as “New,” “Miraculous,” or “Non-invasive” techniques. The course includes the 52 Seifukujutsu techniques originally taught by Master Henry Seishiro Okazaki in the early part of the 20th century. This course is for those who wish to continue learning traditional Japanese restoration arts.

Short Instructor Biography:
Professor Ken Eddy “Shihan” has been studying the arts for over 50 years and has a degree in “Allied Health Science”(emphasis on alternative medicine), and has attained an “OMD” from the “Oriental Institute of Medicine.” He has been teaching Oriental techniques in the university system and Mizu Shin Tao for many years; bringing relief and opportunity to the community in their search for better health.

Required Materials:
1.   Colored pens, pencils, or markers

2.   Notebook

3.   Loose fitting clothing

4.  (2)  Twin size fitted sheets

One is asked to attend this course with an “Empty Cup Attitude”
Please bring your copy of the anatomy coloring book (purchased for the Introductory course ‘Nihon Kaifuku Anma’)

Mizu Shin Tao is conducting a “Nihon Kaifuku Anma Class” at this time and will be forming a “Seifukujutsu” class in the near future. Events page.

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