The Four Pillars

The Four Pillars

 Each dojo traditionally assigned the four directions (4 Pillars) specific qualities the Headmaster wanted to maintain and instill in the culture of the dojo.

             Many schools had a similar format of:

The first pillar representing ‘Love of Training’

The second pillar representing ‘Love of Service’

The third pillar representing ‘Love of the General Public

The fourth pillar representing ‘Love of Country’

These representations are much deeper than the title implies and should be contemplated for deeper understanding

The ‘Four Pillars of the Mizu Shin Tao Dojo’ are as follows:

The First Pillar is at the far right and (East) end of the dojo. This Pillar represents ‘Honor’ The most valuable ‘possession’ of the Samurai; the Katana was second

The Second Pillar is to the far end of the dojo to the right of the ‘Mamiza’ (South). The Second Pillar represents ‘Loyalty’, “Loyalty above all things except honor.”

The Third Pillar is to the immediate left of the “Kamiza” (West) and is representative of “Respect.” Respect and reverence to all who enter.

The Fourth Pillar is “Benevolence” and is located to the left of the entrance farthest away from the “Kamiza” (North).

As with the traditional directional representations; these pillars have a much deeper subsistence than the surface implies.